If your dream is to own a charming villa which affords you a breathtaking view, Mechref Village is the ideal location. Special zoning laws give the entire Village a unified, refined aesthetic, and also ensure that every single villa enjoys a panoramic, unobstructed view of the sea. There are two options that can be explored when it comes to owning your own villa. One is to choose a pre-existing prototype, designed by one of the Mechref architects and which will then be constructed on the plot of your choosing. The other is to bring your own architect and design your own villa, provided it is in accordance with the architectural norms (which include items such as construction material, type of roof and mandatory arches). You may also choose to invest in pre-existing properties or future properties, either alone or in partnership with others.

Below is a map to help identify the plots still available. Please note that single plots can be combined with adjacent ones to enlarge the property.


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